that require you to make a payment of some kind

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that require you to make a payment of some kind

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For free agents Chris Taylor Dodgers Jersey , independent professionals and freelancers, one of the most difficult yet important tasks is picking the right name for your business. In this article, I share some ideas and thoughts that should help you with this daunting choice.

You may want to choose a descriptive name. Think of names like Land's End, Hard Rock Caf?, Holiday Inn Jackie Robinson Dodgers Jersey , Guerilla Marketing, Convenience Stores, etc. My favorite marketing star is Robert Middleton, who calls himself an InfoGuru and his website, with Action Plan Marketing as his business description.

I think that when we started purchasing domain names we were forced to describe our businesses andor ourselves as succinctly and descriptively as possible. Of course Mike Piazza Dodgers Jersey , with the rush to get an effective domain name, many were forced into obtuse or convoluted choices, but it did make us think about names for a change. I have a friend who calls herself the Really Good Technology Writer. She uses it on her website, business card and when people meet her and ask her what she does, she doesn't hesitate to introduce herself as a "really good technology writer." A memorable choice!

This takes us up to labels and names for what we do. I know a speaker who advises us to never Clayton Kershaw Dodgers Jersey , never use a label for our profession. When someone asks us what we do, we can turn them off immediately by saying, "I am a lawyer, a consultant, a speaker Justin Turner Dodgers Jersey , a doctor, a writer, and on and on." What happens is that most people have a pre-defined notion of what that label stands for and they don't ask anything else. Whereas, if you answer like Robert Middleton does, "I help independent professionals who are struggling to attract more clients." Right away Fernando Valenzuela Youth Jersey , we want to know how he does that -- especially if we are an independent professional.

Other naming to consider for our business is the phrase or tag line that we use to describe us and what we do. Some phrases I have found on business cards and websites that are catchy and make me want to know more are: "Keeping you ahead of the competition," "Wasted time is wasted money," "Building the skills that build your reputation," "Connecting through story," "More than a Presentation ? It's a Celebration Sandy Koufax Youth Jersey ," "Unleashing the promise of today's technology," and "We work with businesses to turn computer frustrations into solutions!"

As with your business name, it takes a lot of consideration and effort to come up with an effective tag line, but once you find the right one, you can use it on your business card Maury Wills Youth Jersey , website and any marketing material you create. As you are working on it, try various phrases on others to see their reactions. It won't take long to discover what works and what doesn't.

So, what's in a name? Lots! And what does your name, andor tagline say about you? If it isn't doing the job you want and expect it to, it is time to consider a new one. Take your time -- the name you pick is important to your future success.

Working from home is a very desirable idea for many people. It's not really surprising when you think about it; after all you can get up and work in your pyjamas if you want to.

And this is perhaps one of the reasons why so many people get caught up in various scams that promise good money for working from home. Let's be clear about this though - while you can make a good income from home working it does depend on what you do to earn it. The vast majority of home workers make their money from home franchises and or their own plans and ideas Kirk Gibson Youth Jersey , and not by signing up for a bogus scheme operated by someone else.

So what should you look out for when you are thinking about working from home; you want to be sure you don't fall victim to those perpetrating the scams?

There are certain signs that are indicative of a scam. The first one involves sending off a payment to find out how the working from home job works. There are lots of legitimate jobs online and you should never have to pay a penny to apply for them. Anyone who charges you money to apply for a job is perpetrating a scam. They will come up with dozens of reasons why such a fee is necessary - one of the most popular ones is the need to be sure you are serious about doing the job.

The second common feature of working from home scams is the fact that you can never find out exactly what is involved until you do send that fee. Have you ever applied for a job before that has this stipulation in it? And would you even consider applying for a regular job which made this a condition of applying? Of course you wouldn't - and yet people are caught up in these scams every day.

The third factor is the 'too good to be true' factor. If it sounds too easy the chances are you are looking at a scam. A good example of this is the infamous envelope stuffing scam. Do you really think you could earn a pound or more for every envelope you process as described? And do people really earn hundreds of pounds a day just by doing this? Of course not - and when you really think about it you will see that it is a scam.

Common sense should always be foremost in your mind when you are considering taking any work which is based at home. If a specific company is offering home work you should be able to check out their background and meet with them to discuss the opportunity. Most companies who do hire home workers do so on a local basis rather than nationally.

Provided you avoid all 'jobs' that require you to make a payment of some kind and you consider how realistic they really are, you should easily be able to steer clear of all the potential scams that are out there.

Probably, this is a factual rationale why searching functions this kind of as Black Friday has gathered a substantial total of supporters. But though we are savoring and saving a handful of hundred dollars to obtain our laptops, make certain that the high quality of the merchandise is not a compensation for its low price tag.

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